Lady Sonia Movie: Nipples, Baby Oil and Ice Cubes

September 2nd, 2014

I have always been very proud of my huge nipples and no matter what I am wearing they are always VERY prominent and demanding everyone’s FULL attention. Anyway, I though that it would be rather fun to first tease my huge nipples then spray them all over with baby oil to make my breasts nice and wet and slippery and then I thought that I would use some ice cubes to see just how big my nipples get when I REALLY goes to work upon them! Do you want to watch? Come on, I am ready and waiting to show you right now! Sonia xx To see the full length Lady Sonia Movie visit Lady Sonia here

Gemma’s white panties

September 1st, 2014

We have added this new young house wife to Dirty UK Wives and had a great time taking these pictures of our first time British amateur. I just loved the little white panties she had on under her dress but it wasnt to long before we had her stripped off and her legs wide open. If you like the amateur girl next door look then this real British housewife Gemma is for you. We took three sets of pictures of our amateur slutty housewife and she looks hot in all of them. To see all our Dirty UK housewives then visit Dirty UK Wives here


flashing in the office in stockings

August 31st, 2014

We took this sexy secretary babe at work in the office with nothing on but her stockings. She took off her panties and we took some great pictures of her in her stockings showing her pussy. I love these coloured suspender belts ladies wear and they look fantastic with black seemed stockings. This sexy young secretary has on a pair of black ff/stockings and white panties and she looks fucking hot To see the complete series of our sexy lady in stockings flashing in the office visit Send Your Secretary here

British exhibitionist and housewife Danica Collins on film

August 30th, 2014

Now there is almost nothing quite like a lengthy very hot steamy shower following a tough day. Yes there is absolutely nothing quite like having a hot shower! Except getting some one to was your back! In particular if you are in the bath with this busty chubby English milf, who happens to be washing her bosoms. Seeing a plump milf with a massive pair of bosoms soaping them up is a treat in no way to be missed. Massaging bubbles all over her boobs, so clean and slippery, soaping these massive juggs up, squeezing them together with all the bubbles, taking the bubbles further down and massaging it on her milf pussy, her pussy and breasts all soap and slippery, and really damp. Watch as this British amateur takes the strong shower head to wash her body off, together with her large bouncy breasts and her soaked milf chubby cunt and chubby hip and legs, splashing it over her juggs, over her belly, And after that a fluffy warm bath towel to dry myself with. If you enjoyed this video and want more of this chubby English lady then. visit her own site here

panty flash in her old school uniform

August 29th, 2014

What is it about us Brits that we love to see our wives in their old school uniforms? Well I dont know what it is but I am glad our wives and girlfriends keep them! So when we want to take some pictures they have them handy. Well this young housewife looked fucking sexy as fuck in hers and we got some great shots of her panties up her skirt. In the fall set we get this slutty wife naked and spread. She has one of the most fantastic arses I have ever see. To see the complete amateur set visit Dirty UK Wives here


Uk Roadtrip to: Southampton

August 28th, 2014

It seems almoast a tradition that any new arrival on the Road Trip ends up in the back of the minibus having it off with one of the team and it was no different for Carina. While the other traffic was whizzing past the windows she was having the fuck of a lifetime! To see the full length movie visit UK Roadtrips here



American flashers drunk in public flashing their tits and ass to strangers

August 27th, 2014

American dogging is a blog all about American exhibitionists flashing in public and sometimes more than flashing. They don’t care where it is, inside or outside. As you can see from these Mardi Gras pictures, they get drunk and do lots of partying! And when there is loads of drink at the parties and loads of guys to show off to you can be sure there going to be tits and ass – lots of tits and ass. We have drunk college girls in public from spring Breaks, Wet T-Shirt Contests, Mardi Gras, Nudes-a-Popin, Fantasy Fest. All the movies arereal and uncensored! Maybe you will even spot your neighbors daughter flashing her tits and ass to complete strangers in public. See more American flashing movies here


Amateur videos of this slut fucking on a train

August 26th, 2014

Meet Terry. He’s a hung ebony stud with a huge following. Girls will do anything to see him and they’ll go even further for the chance to fuck him. Terry takes advantage of this by making a bunch of white girls get wild in public places on his behalf. If he thinks their performance is hot enough, he’ll nail them like they’ve never been fucked before. If he thinks that their public actions aren’t outrageous enough, he’ll skip it and just film them. These girls are willing to do almost anything in public places to please Terry and get a dose of his big black cock. See More Terryvision Outdoor Nudity Here

Jim Slip British Street Sluts

August 25th, 2014

Hi folks welcome to my wonderful world of slutty girls! Yes if you like cute babes clad in stockings, little skirts, high heels and all sorts of other kinky clobber, getting shafted, by moi, then you’ve come to the right place! They’re all here; old, young, tall, small, fattish…..thin, all with one thing in common……….a hunger for dick! So, come on down and watch in wonder as I entice girls off the street, with my “£500.00 Challenges” or simply, “How much for a shag?” routine. I don’t care, all babes are welcome, if they’ve got a pulse, they’re in!!!” Join Jim on his adventures through the streets of London to pick up some hot British pussy. Approach the slutiest sluts of Britain for blowjobs, pussy penetration and arse shagging! Visit Jim Slip here

what is carping?

August 24th, 2014

I have noticed more and more doggers getting involved in carping. Carping comes from the activity of dogging. A carper is a person who engages in conversation with another person on a mobile phone (or through online chat) who is masturbating either publicly or privately.Many of the more experienced doggers (people who put on shows) invite carping by writing their telephone number on a cardboard box or large piece of paper and placing it on display inside their vehicle.Carping is also the definition of one who chats with another while watching them perform live on a web cam. Although the original definition of the word came from the actual physical event, online dogging has adopted the slang for its own use.

couple fucking outside on video

August 23rd, 2014

English amateurs give you an exclusive view into their wives, lives and sexual secrets. Genuine amateur movies that although are in variable quality. They are real life amateur hardcore movies. The movies on these galleries are just a few low resolution samples for you too see what great exclusive movies we have. For the full length high quality movies. In this video clip we see this husband and wife suck and fuck in the car park join us at our site here to watch the full length movie

Amateur flashers outside then fucked on video

August 22nd, 2014

It was time for some R and R on the beach of Southend… or in one of the pubs rather! But even on our day off we carry our cameras, just in case. And sure enough, all of a sudden we were confronted by two girls with a real Essex reputation! To see the full length movie visit UK Road Trips Here


Busty MILF flashing at home

August 21st, 2014

Real Amateur British MILF Demi is at home in her black stockings and basque posing in her living room at home. Showing us her big bouncing boobs. Later in the series this busty milf sucks her own big breasts as well as plays with herself with a dildo. To see the complete series and all this milf’s real home made porn visit Simply Demi here


Interracial sex in the park

August 20th, 2014

We took Karen into the woods for some nudity, sucking and fucking and nearly got rumbled! Karen had stripped down to her panties when 2 cyclists appeared from nowhere… so a hasty run-and-hide was called for! Once the mountain bikers has passed, Karen sucked Tony’s cock for while before he fucked her pussy. Terry then joined in the action for some 3-some fun. The second part of this movie sees 3 studs taking there turn drilling the redhead in a bedroom ending with a large cumshot which coats Karen from her stomach to her forehead! To see more, visit here

The history of dogging

August 19th, 2014

Dogging history is mainly folk law and half truthes. Many doggers and exhibitionists have there own theory about how dogging got started.
Dogging or is basically Public sex, with others watching or joining in. Its an extension of swinging in some ways and not in others. Because with dogging as apposed to swinging. Actual sex contact doesnt always take place, as our dogging stories and dogging pictures show. One dogging theory is that the term “dogging” comes from voyeurs going to well known sites for couples and watching them have sex. But these voyuers wanted a reason for being out late wondering around while watching couples. So the pretended to take their dogs for a walk. But another theory is that to dog someone is also to follow or watch them. so dogging may have come from being dogged or being watched.

Dogging started with exhibitionist couples and singles as the girl above flashing on the train ride to London above. Then dogging stories started to apear in both the news and national press.

The dogging craze hi the headlines when well known footballer Stan Collymore admited he went dogging

“Stan Collymore’s admission that he’s been “dogging” - having sex with strangers in public places - is the latest chapter in a sorry saga of how a potentially brilliant career came to grief” Read the whole stan collymore dogging story here

Dogging can be great fun is is a great new craze to come out of the UK. As long as you follow the dogging rules you to can have dogging stories like this to tell.

Flashing on public transport

August 18th, 2014

Time for a photoshoot with brunette Julianna Fedak… but we put a twist on things as usual. Instead of taking pics in the studio as most do, we went for a train ride in the afternoon! Julianna dressed in a short dress, heels and long jacket only flashes her tits and fanny on the moving train where other commuters go about there daily journey. Train journey over so its into the waiting room whilst the camera flashes away. For the finale we head back to the car and drive out the car park.. only to stop while Julianna jumps out the car, dashes across the road, opens her coat and exposes her tits and pussy!! To see more, visit here

Watch this housewife down blouse nipple slip while she is cleaning her car

August 17th, 2014

In case you are into down blouse as well as nipple-slips, then this site is utterly invaluable. down blouse loving is a good web-site. We question if you will discover a site having such a large database involving sexy, down blouse or nipple slip films. down blouse loving have got an amazing selection of BRITISH based sluts. Hence, in case you are the kind who is switched on by a good traditional English novice busty girls, you’re in for a treat. down blouse loving absolutely have got a large selection of breasts of most sizes and shapes. Though We thought we spotted several familiar tits, it appears they have collected rather a collection of exceptional sluts. In addition to a lot of the hottest large boob United kingdom inexperienced models I have seen. Visit down blouse loving now.


British swinger orgy videos

August 16th, 2014

Watch these chubby amateur British housewives get blasted in cum at one of Kims Amateurs swingers parties. These greedy girls are sucking on all the cocks they can get their chubby hands on and gulping down loads of jizz at the same time. Kims amateurs is a great amateur swinger site that shows loads of real British amateurs. To see the full length movies from Kims essex orgy visit Kims Amateurs here

New British flasher added to our amateur sites links

August 15th, 2014
I have added this great new site to our links section Janey Web Free Videos site.

Janey web says “I enjoy sex with both men and women. I love gangbanging, threesomes, foursomes and moresomes, bukkake, big dicks stuffed in my pussy and my mouth AND a lady’s tongue on my clit whenever possible”

This free site has 36 free video clips of Janey web that include fucking, oral sex, masturbation, pussy licking and much more.  Check out Janey Webs free videos here

MILF shows us her huge boobs

August 14th, 2014

In these amateur MILF pictures taken from British big boobed MILF Demi, Demi flashes us a good look at how great her big bouncing boobs are. We really get a good look at this MILFs nice big round boobs. As well as having a big firm pair of breasts our sexy amatuer housewife also has great nipples as you can see. In the full amateur series of MILF Demi we get to see her masturbate on her bed. To see the complete series of this British amateur housewife visit Simply Demi here


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